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The Digital LSAT — No More Pencils & Paper

digital lsat

Recently, the LSAC revealed the long-awaited decision to begin administering the LSAT digitally. This announcement marks a monumental time in the LSAT’s history. And the new test format affects us all, probably in unexpected ways. But, there’s no need to worry. Let’s just review what we know about the digital LSAT. The Transition to the […]

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LSAT Tips: 3 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Studying for the LSAT

lsat tips

If you’re preparing for the LSAT, you might appreciate these 3 LSAT tips. I’ll tell you how I discovered these tips and what these tips are so you can apply them to your LSAT journey. How I Discovered These LSAT Tips My LSAT journey is not typical of most students. My score increase from my […]

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Cheap LSAT Study Plan

lsat study plan

Can you study for the LSAT on the cheap? Yes, it is possible. I’ll tell you why you would want a cheap LSAT study plan and how to create one. Cheap LSAT Study Plan: Why It’s Necessary If you’ve done your research, you’ve realized that the LSAT is the single most important factor in determining […]

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Retaking the LSAT: When Should You Do It?

retaking the lsat

So, you took the LSAT once. What do you do now? Should you consider retaking the LSAT? I’ve got some reasons why you should and the scenarios in which you should do so. Retaking the LSAT: Why Should You Do It? The LSAT is the most important aspect of your law school applications. Your score, […]

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LSAT Sections: What Sections Are on the LSAT?

sections of the lsat

The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) features several sections. To do well on the exam, you must learn what these sections are and what they consist of. Therefore, I’ll discuss the sections of the LSAT so you can be prepared. LSAT Sections The LSAT consists of 5 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) sections and 1 writing sample […]

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5 Tips for Studying for the LSAT While You Have a Job

tips for studying for the lsat

So, you’ve decided to go to law school after starting a career in another field. Or, you decided to go to law school a while ago, but you’ve got to pay the bills while you prepare to apply. No matter the case, if you’re working while studying for the LSAT, you’re in an intimidating situation. So, […]

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LSAT Study Group: Should You Join One?

lsat study group

Studying for the LSAT was the most difficult thing I have ever done, and I did it completely alone. However, many students find that joining an LSAT study group helps them progress with their studies. Whether or not you fall into this category is dependent on your personality, your study habits, how you learn, where […]

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The LSAT Test: What Is the LSAT?

lsat test

So, you’ve decided you want to go to law school. You know you’re going to have to fill out some applications, and you’ve also heard of this test called the LSAT. But what is the LSAT? I’ll let you know with this information about the LSAT test. What Is the LSAT? The LSAT is the […]

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LSAT Test Day: What to Expect and What to Do the Week Before

lsat test day

Preparing for LSAT test day is a marathon, not a sprint. And unless you sprint marathons, your studies will likely last at least a few months, especially if you’re trying to maximize your score. You’ll formulate a conceptual basis of logic to approach the exam, learn the different types of logic games, and read through […]

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Should I Take an LSAT Prep Course? Reasons to Use an LSAT Prep Course

should i take an lsat prep course

If you want to pursue a career in law, the LSAT will be the most important test you ever take (No pressure.) So, you’re probably wondering, “Should I take an LSAT prep course?” I’ll answer that question by covering the reasons to use an LSAT prep course. Should I Use an LSAT Prep Course? One […]

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