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LSATMax Prep is a solid course that can help you improve your scores. To help you determine if LSATMax is right for you, I’ll discuss its history, pros and cons, course packages, rating, and ideal candidates.


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History of LSATMax Prep

LSAT Max is the LSAT branch of TestMax, a test prep company founded by Mehran Ebadolahi.

Mehran is the head instructor for LSATMax and a Harvard Graduate. He started his law school journey with a 148 diagnostic score on the LSAT (below average), but self-studied to a 174 (99th percentile).

I always look at the quality of the instructor(s) first when evaluating an LSAT prep company, and Mehran checks this box with flying colors. Not only does he understand the LSAT and how to approach the exam itself, but he also understands the process of acquiring that understanding through dedicated study.

Many LSAT prep instructors started off with 160s or 170s diagnostic scores, and while that may prove an understanding of the LSAT, it does not prove an understanding of studying for the LSAT. Mehran progressing from a below-average score to a score in the 99th percentile demonstrates a deep understanding of how to prepare for this exam.

Alongside Mehran is a team of LSAT instructors, all of whom attended top-5 law schools and scored between 173 and 180 on the LSAT.

After examining an LSAT course’s instructors, I then examine the course materials. LSATMax does use real LSAT questions for studying, so it checks that box as well. This is incredibly important, as LSAT questions are worded in a particular way and cannot be perfectly imitated.

However, there seems to be a lack of consensus on whether or not LSAT Max’s methods are effective for all students. Particularly, there are concerns about the tactics Mehran advocates for use on the Reading Comprehension and Logic Games sections.

Pros of LSATMax

  • Affordable compared to similar products
  • Uses real LSAT questions
  • Has experienced, proven instructors

Cons of LSATMax

The Reading Comprehension and Logic Games tactics may be ineffective for some students.

LSATMax Curriculum

While preparing for the LSAT, I was unaware that LSATMax existed. So, to understand how this course operated and to properly evaluate the quality of the study materials, I enrolled in the course myself. (I wouldn’t provide an LSAT Max Review had I not used the course!)

The online application itself is simple and easy to navigate, which is helpful for avoiding unnecessary frustration during studying. It includes a very helpful message board feature that allows students to contact an LSATMax instructor directly, and videos can be sped up or slowed down if you want to move at your own pace.

One initial concern of mine was immediately quelled. While LSATMax is an online and mobile-based application, they do ship you hard copies of the materials. That is important as the LSAT is still currently administered with paper and pencil. Also, though it is online, you can also download content so that you can work offline.

Something else that jumped out to me about the application is the LSATMax analytics section. This part of the application analyzes areas of weakness during your studies and helps you isolate questions of that type. This is an especially helpful feature for students further along in their studies, and for students trying to break into higher score ranges.

Logical Reasoning

The course first covers Logical Reasoning (this is, itself, a positive characteristic in my opinion, as I believe LR should be the first section covered). The curriculum advances the proven method of first developing an understanding of formal logic, applying that method to evaluate arguments, then using those evaluations to address different LR question types.

The LSAT Max prep course does not, in their LR lessons, teach hacks, cheats, or cute tactics to “beat the LSAT.” It teaches you to understand what the LSAT is testing you on, and shows you how to effectively approach the questions.

Alongside the lessons, LSATMax provides drills for identifying questions stems. Perfecting this skill saves students several minutes on the actual LSAT.  Overall, I believe LSATMax has an effective curriculum for logical reasoning.

Logic Games

The second section of the course addresses Logic Games. Again, I believe this is a natural progression starting with LR then moving to LG. The course uses the basis of formal logic developed in the LR lessons to study each game type individually.

To help students practice these games, LSATMax says to practice any game that you don’t finish quickly and correctly. This is a similar tactic to 7sage’s “Full Proof Method,” and is one that is proven to help students achieve perfect scores in the game section.

The diagramming methods used by LSATMax are basically identical to the diagrams I personally used on the LSAT to score in the 98th percentile. They work, and almost all top LSAT instructors teach the same diagramming methods.

So, as with logical reasoning, I am satisfied with LSATMax’s lessons on the Logic Games section.

Reading Comprehension

The last section addressed by LSATMax is Reading Comprehension.

For this section, LSATMax emphasizes an “absorptive” reading style that will hypothetically help students retain the information necessary to answer the questions. While this does work for some students, it does not work for others. To me, this is the biggest downside of the course, and I wish they would have alternative methods in the course.

But, LSATMax does cover principles that are imperative for scoring high in Reading Comp: structure, main point, and tone. So, while the reading technique may not be best for you, the accompanying information the course gives you will help you in this section, no matter what.

Overall, LSATMax’s approach to the Reading Comprehension is satisfactory, but not the best.

LSATMax Prep Course Packages

LSATMax Premium

Cost: $950 (or $900 if you purchase in the online store instead of the app).

Materials Included:

  • 8,200 real LSAT questions
  • 80+ hours of instructional videos
  • 5 LSAT prep books
  • Access to all previously administered LSATs
  • Lifetime access to course
  • Message board and score analytics access
  • Economist Subscription
  • LSAC approved analog timer
  • Higher score guarantee


Cost: $750

Materials Included:

  • 4,200 LSAT questions
  • 80+ hours of instructional videos
  • 5 LSAT prep books
  • 20 full-length prep tests
  • Lifetime access to course
  • Message board and score analytics access
  • Economist Subscription
  • LSAC approved analog timer
  • Higher score guarantee

LSATMax Pro Subscription

Cost: $199 per month

Materials Included:

  • 3,200 LSAT questions
  • 80+ hours of video lessons
  • 7 full-length prep tests
  • Access to score analytics
  • Message board access

 LSATMax Basic

Cost: $600

Materials Included:

  • 80+ hours of video lessons
  • 1 LSAT prep book
  • LSAT –approved analog Timer

Rating of LSATMax

Having used this course, I give it a rating of 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Ideal Candidates for LSATMax Prep

LSATMax is a smaller test-prep company and the effectiveness of its courses is less proven than other companies. However, it is one of the most popular LSAT apps in the App Store, so that does say something about the quality of the course.

LSATMax’s curriculum can be sufficient to give students a fundamental understanding of the LSAT. This can take scores from the 140s to 150s, and from 150s to 160s.

However, in the higher-scoring ranges, I have hesitations about LSATMax’s methods. But, as we all know, the best way to prepare for the LSAT is to practice and review real LSAT sections, and LSATMax can help there.

The LSATMax app has helpful score analysis tools that can help students pinpoint problems in their preparation, and target them in their studies. These tools are therefore helpful for students who are already scoring in the 160s and even 170s.

I would recommend LSATMax as a good choice for students looking at online LSAT courses. It is easy to follow, teaches proven methods, and the instructors have a passion to help students succeed.

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