LSAT Practice Questions: Studying for the LSAT

Studying for the LSAT with good practice questions is the best way to increase your chances of getting a good score. If you know where you look, you can find a lot of practice LSAT questions and other exam prep online and at bookstores. In fact, you might even find them at your local library. LSAC and exam review providers have publicly available LSAT analytical reasoning practice questions, LSAT critical reading practice questions, and even LSAT logic game practice questions with answers to get you ready for your exam day.

However, you should only use reliable sources for LSAT practice test questions. After all, you don’t want to study with outdated material or questions that aren’t as hard as those on the real test. So, this article will help you find the best LSAT practice questions and answers.

Types of LSAT Questions

The LSAT is a 2-part exam administered by LSAC, the Law School Admission Council. Specifically, the first part of the exam has 5 sections.

  • 2 sections of Logical Reasoning – each with 24-26 multiple-choice questions – 35 minutes
  • 1 section of Analytical Reasoning – AKA Logic Games – 24-26 multiple-choice questions – 35 minutes
  • 1 Reading Comprehension section – 24-26 multiple-choice questions – 35 minutes
  • 1 variable section – 24-26 multiple-choice questions – 35 minutes

The variable section is not scored. In short, it includes pretest questions or forms that LSAC is testing for future use. Therefore, you won’t know which section is your variable section until you see your LSAT Score Report. Likewise, don’t try to guess which one is your variable section while you’re taking it. Chances are, you probably won’t be able to tell.

The second part is a short essay.

  • Writing Sample – 1 prompt – 35 minutes

The prompt presents a scenario and ask you to choose between two positions. To clarify, neither position is “correct” or “incorrect.” Rather, the essay tests your ability to write in a clear but argumentative style. After all, law schools want to see a demonstration of your reasoning skills and good writing mechanics.

How to Use Practice LSAT Questions

LSAT practice questions are useful tools for multiple reasons. First, they test your enthusiasm for the material. Second, they help diagnose your skills. Third, you can use them to supplement your existing studies and to gauge your readiness for the LSAT. And finally, you can use LSAT online practice questions to rehearse the endurance you’ll need to sit through the whole exam.

1. To test your enthusiasm

The LSAT questions are designed to test your proficiencies in the types of analytical and logical skills you’ll use every day as a lawyer. So if you don’t enjoy the LSAT logic games practice questions or can’t even stand to digest the passages in the analytical reasoning LSAT practice questions, you might want to think twice about this career path.

2. To diagnose your skills

You can use practice LSAT questions as a diagnostic to ID your existing strengths vs. weaknesses. Then, leverage that knowledge when studying for the exam. For example, if you initially bomb all of the logic problems, then you need to find a review prep with tools to improve those skills. Similarly, if your reading comprehension skills make the questions particularly challenging, you’ll want to strengthen your reading abilities.

3. To supplement your studies

Many candidates find that when they study with a review course, they get stronger scores. Although a good review course should include plenty of practice questions and explanations, it’s always good to supplement them. For example, consider the logic game problems. Everyone solves them a little differently, so it can be beneficial to see other providers takes on complicated problems, too.

4. To gauge your readiness

Once you think you’re ready to take the LSAT, your review course will probably have some mock exams you can take. But still, I recommend that you find additional tests outside of your exam prep. So by taking these sample exams, you can analyze your potential score and determine if you’re really ready. If you’re not, look at the content areas of the questions you missed. Then go back and study more, retake additional practice tests, and test your readiness again.

5. To practice your endurance

One of the hardest parts of taking the LSAT is having the patience and endurance to keep going. After all, it’s easy enough to feel excited about the exam for the first 35-minute section. In the beginning, it doesn’t seem bad to carefully read the passages and consider each answer. But by the time you’re ready for your 5th 35-minute section, the exam becomes more about your mental endurance than anything. So by practicing with multiple sample tests and timing yourself, you can get a good sense of the endurance you’ll need to keep going on exam day.

What to Expect with LSAT Practice Questions

Logical reasoning

On the LSAT, logical reasoning questions test your ability to analyze arguments. Therefore, they are sometimes called “logic games.” Logical reasoning practice questions for the LSAT will ask you to read and comprehend a short passage from a variety of sources. For example, those sources might include newspapers, magazines, and even advertisements. Likewise, practice LSAT logic questions will expect you to recognize misinformed arguments, detect assumptions, and draw conclusions. So to make the most out of practice LSAT questions in logical reasoning, you should understand the concepts of argument, premise, assumption, and conclusion.

Analytical reasoning

Analytical reasoning questions are intended to assess your ability to study facts and rules of procedure. Plus, they require you to determine what is false, what is true, and what could be true. Therefore, LSAT analytical reasoning practice questions should be based on a single reading passage, just like the real exam. For example, practice LSAT analytical reasoning questions could ask you to schedule employees for work shifts based on their time/day preferences. Or, they could ask you to order tasks according to priority considerations or distribute grant funds for projects based on certain limitations. Consequently, expect lots of problem solving and reasoning with if/then statements.

Reading comprehension

As a lawyer, you’ll have to digest heavy texts like codes, case studies, and briefs. Moreover, these texts are dense. Plus, you might not always be familiar with the source material or a particular field of study. Likewise, you must be able to analyze and compare documents and then apply your findings to new contexts.

In law school, you’ll be expected to read and understand complex and often unfamiliar material. Additionally, much of it is quite challenging. So, the LSAT reading comprehension questions will test your ability to quickly read, understand, and analyze diverse source material. Therefore, good LSAT reading comprehension practice questions should come from dense readings in multiple subject areas. For instance, your readings could be excerpts from like the humanities to biology, social sciences, and law with high-level vocabularies.

Types of LSAT Practice Questions

Most of the free LSAT questions that are available online fall into one of three categories.

June 2007 Disclosed LSAT Exam

Some LSAT exams are “un-disclosed,” meaning that you won’t get a copy of the exam or the answers with your LSAT Score Report. However, if you take a “disclosed” exam, you do get a copy. The June 2007 LSAT exam was a disclosed one, so it’s become a popular practice exam. However, don’t let the age of the exam worry you. Since the LSAT tests your reasoning and reading comprehension skills, the content of the exam hasn’t significantly changed.

LSAT PreTests

LSAC releases “PrepTests” that are previously used LSATs that have been retired. These PrepTests have the best LSAT practice questions because they are actual tests. That is, they have the same level of difficulty as questions you’ll encounter on the real exam. Plus, they include instructions on how to figure your raw score versus your scaled score.

Other questions

You can also find LSAT practice questions online that are written by other professionals outside of LSAC, too. For example, LSAT review providers write practice questions for their students and will sometimes share questions with the general public.

Sources of Practice Questions

LSAT practice questions mostly come from two sources: LSAC and review course providers. In some cases, these sources are completely free. In other cases, you have to give your contact information to gain access to free materials but they might push a paid product. Plus, you can enroll in LSAT review courses or purchase an LSAT practice questions book.



Access Length

Must Give Contact Info?

LSAC Reading Comprehension Sample Questions Unlimited No
  Analytical Reasoning Sample Questions Unlimited No
  Logical Reasoning Sample Questions Unlimited No
  The Official LSAT PrepTest Unlimited No
Blueprint Prep


Free LSAT Prep Toolkit Unlimited Yes
Free LSAT Webinars Unlimited No
Magoosh Official LSAT Practice Test PDF Unlimited No
Free LSAT Prep Course Trial 7 days Yes – Email address only
Princeton Review Free LSAT Practice Test Online Unlimited Yes
Free LiveOnline LSAT Webinars Unlimited No
TestMax Test Prep Video lessons for June 2007 LSAT Unlimited No
LSAT Max Course Free Trial Unlimited Yes – Email address only
Velocity Test Prep Free LSAT answer videos Unlimited No
LSAT Tip o’ the Day Unlimited No


As the official administrator of the LSAT, the Law School Admission Council offers several free question sets and tests that you should download. Therefore, you can rely on the quality of the questions since they come directly from LSAC. LSAC offers:

LSAT practice questions books

Several companies have compiled the LSAT PreTests into books available for purchase online or at your favorite bookstore. Many of them are available at major libraries, too. But to get the most of your purchase, be sure that the books have answer explanations. For example, if your book doesn’t have LSAT logic game practice questions with answers, it can be harder to figure out these complicated problems on your own.

Review providers

Many LSAT review prep companies publish free questions or videos as a way of demonstrating the strength of their products. Also, review providers often have free trials of their learning bundles. Of course, you can use these free demos to test out their products and see if they fit your learning style. So if you like what you see, you can purchase a full course to get ready for the LSAT.

The following sections list a few LSAT courses with free offerings for you to try. But when you’re ready to pick a review provider, I suggest first consulting with my reviews of the best LSAT prep courses. The article has useful discounts, too.

Blueprint Prep

Blueprint LSAT Prep offers on-demand lessons, live online lectures, classroom-style instruction, and one-on-one tutoring for the LSAT exam. Like many other providers, they have a free LSAT practice test available on their website. Actually, it’s a copy of the June 2007 disclosed LSAT exam. After taking the practice exam, you can view a detailed score report.

Occasionally, Blueprint Prep partners with other organizations to give free webinars on a variety of topics related to the LSAT. For example, a September 2020 lecture with the Pre-Law Society at Rutgers University presents an introduction to the LSAT. Click here for a list of upcoming events.


Magoosh is a provider of self-study courses for the LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and other exams. They offer thousands of timed practice questions, mobile apps for on-the-go studying, and video lectures led by experts in their fields.

Magoosh’s Official LSAT Practice Test PDF has been made available to the public with special permission from the LSAC. It includes a reproduction of actual LSAT reading passages and questions and is almost a full-length practice lest. The official test has 4 sections instead of 5. So, it lacks the variable section.  But still, if you time yourself and allot only 35 minutes for each section, you can gauge your readiness for the real LSAT exam. Plus, the PDF has explanations for corrects answers and works out the LSAT logical reasoning practice questions.

In addition, Magoosh has a free 7-day trial to its LSAT prep materials. By signing up, you get access to 16 lessons and 20 official practice questions.

Princeton Review

Princeton Review is a well-known provider of exam prep for the LSAT test plus the MCAT, GRE, CFA, and GMAT. The company uses officially licensed questions from LSAC, so you know these practice questions will match the difficulty of the real ones on exam day.

Princeton Review has a free LSAT practice test that is available online. After taking the exam, you’ll get a score report that highlights your content strengths and weaknesses.

Plus, Princeton Review has a regular schedule of two webinars: LSAT LiveOnline Strategy Sessions and LSAT Admissions Forum LiveOnline. Furthmore, these free sessions are open to all students, whether you choose Princeton Review for your LSAT studies or not.

TestMax Test Prep

TestMax specializes in mobile learning tools. All of their LSAT packages come with lifetime access, so you can count of TestMax for unlimited use and updates of their LSAT materials.

TestMax has two free sources of LSAT practice questions to check out. First, they offer a free trial of the introduction to the LSAT Max Course. It includes the June 2007 LSAT. Plus, you’ll get an intro to solving the LSAT practice questions in logical reasoning problems, the sequencing games, and the reading comprehension questions.

In addition, TestMax has free video explanations for each question in the June 2007 disclosed exam. So as you work through the exam, you can see how to tackle tricky questions or logic problems that are hard to solve.

Velocity Test Prep

Velocity has developed a fresh take on LSAT prep. For instance, the company specializes in high-energy theory and practice videos and live online office hours when you have a question.

On the Velocity website, you can find free answer explanation videos for every correct answer on every LSAC LSAT PreTest published since 2000. Seriously. In fact, they actually have videos that break down every problem and answer—for free. However, they don’t give the questions, just the explanations. So to see the questions, you’ll need to pair these free videos with a Velocity paid course or LSAT PreTest books.

Velocity’s LSAT Tip o’ the Day also gives you free videos that help you answer LSAT questions correctly. Check the website for a new video every day.

Free Practice Questions = Free LSAT Prep?

I hope this article has given you some ideas for studying for the LSAT with practice questions. I’ve listed a lot of free resources to get you started, but I wouldn’t solely rely on these free questions. Instead, I recommend starting with the LSAC LSAT practice questions and move on to the sources I’ve mentioned from review providers. Then, pick the exam review company that fits your learning style and budget. After all, it’s the best way to get ready for a high score on the LSAT.

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