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Magoosh LSAT Prep is a popular LSAT self-study course. It combines an online platform with video lessons, official LSAC practice questions, and customizable study schedules to bring you affordable LSAT materials. Although Magoosh is relatively new to the LSAT prep market, the company has been working to improve its courses and now offers more real LSAT questions than ever.

In this article,  I’ll go over the features of Magoosh LSAT and the pros and cons of the Magoosh materials. At the end, you’ll find a link to a Magoosh LSAT promo code and other information about taking the LSAT. Consequently, I hope my opinions help you decide if Magoosh is the best choice to maximize your LSAT score.

Why You Should Pick Magoosh LSAT Prep Review

Magoosh is a large test-prep company that offers online instruction for tests ranging from the LSAT to the ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and other exams.

The Magoosh LSAT review courses are entirely online. Furthermore, they are commonly used on mobile devices through the Magoosh iOS or Android app. That ease of access, plus the course’s low price and access to the LSAC Official Prep Plus database, make the LSAT Magoosh materials popular with students.

Background of Magoosh LSAT Review

When Magoosh began in 2009 with GMAT prep, the founders only started with practice questions with video explanations for the GMAT math questions. Over time, they’ve added prep courses for several other exams including the LSAT. In the past, Magoosh received some criticism for using a mix of official LSAC practice questions and ones written by their instructors. Even though Magoosh claimed that the instructor-authored questions were are difficult as those on the LSAT, some users disagreed.

To increase the quality of their courses, Magoosh now partners with LSAC to deliver official LSAT practice questions. When you purchase one of Magoosh’s premium courses, you’ll get access to the LSAC Official Prep Plus database. In short, this database is a library of official LSAT practice exams directly from the Law School Admission Council. Therefore, you can study with official LSAT questions, which is one of the best ways to prepare.

Overview of Magoosh LSAT Courses

Magoosh tries to take a fresh approach to test prep by making it educational yet enjoyable. Consequently, they focus on the essential skills you need to have for a good LSAT score. In comparison, the Magoosh online courses are fairly straightforward related to some other review providers on the market

7,000+ official LSAT questions

The Magoosh premium plan includes 7,000+ LSAT questions through a partnership with LSAC. The questions are from the June 2007 disclosed LSAT and LSAC TestPreps 71, 73, 77, 78, 79, and 80. Plus, you get access to video explanations for each and every one of the 7,000 official questions.

Basically, when you sign up for a premium Magoosh plan, you also get a subscription to the Official LSAC Prep Plus. This is how Magoosh is able to give you so many official practice questions. After logging into the LSAC Prep Plus platform, you can practice test questions and simulate the test-taking experience through an online official LSAC practice test.

Additional 200+ practice questions

Magoosh includes another 200+ practice questions with explanations in the premium bundles.

90+ video strategy lessons

Led by Magoosh instructors, these videos teach you strategies to tackle each section of the LSAT. Specifically, they teach you how to solve the LSAT logic games, logical reasoning problems, and reading comprehension questions.

Timed full-length practice tests

The Magoosh premium bundles include full-length, timed, mock exams via the Official LSAC Prep Plus access.

Email assistance

A help feature in the Magoosh dashboard directly connects you to an instructor. When you get stuck on a problem, just send your question to an instructor who will return your message within 1-2 days.

Magoosh app and study plan

A customizable Magoosh LSAT study plan helps you plan your studies from beginning to end. Additionally, the Magoosh app allows you to access all of your study material on your tablet or smartphone.

Score increase

Moreover, Magoosh offers a 5-point score increase guarantee if you’re re-taking the LSAT and didn’t use Magoosh to study the first time.

Who Writes Magoosh Practice Questions?

Magoosh puts their questions into two categories: “official LSAT questions” and “additional practice questions.”

The official LSAT questions are just that—they were written by LSAC and have appeared in previous LSATs. Therefore, you can count on the quality of those questions.

However, Magoosh’s instructors create additional practice questions that are used in the video strategy lessons. Once you work through the additional practice questions used in the video strategy lessons, you can move on to the 7,000+ practice questions written by LSAC.

Magoosh LSAT Bundles

Magoosh has 2 LSAT testing subscriptions that you can choose from. They are all a good value, but the 12-month subscription is definitely the best buy.

Magoosh LSAT Premium – 1 Month Plan

If you go with a Magoosh premium package, you can choose between a 1-month plan or a yearly subscription. Specifically, the 1-month premium bundle includes:

  • 7,000 official LSAT questions with video explanations
  • 90+ video strategy lessons
  • 200+ additional practice questions and Logic Games with explanations
  • Time LSAT practice tests on the official LSAT interface via the Official LSAC Prep Plus
  • Email assistance from instructors
  • 5+ score increase guarantee
  • Subscription to the Official LSAC Prep Plus

The cost is $279 for 1 month of access.

Magoosh LSAT Premium – 12-month

Magoosh has made all of its great material available in a yearly package, too. The 12-month premium bundle includes:

  • 7,000 official LSAT questions with video explanations
  • 90+ video strategy lessons
  • 200+ additional practice questions and Logic Games with explanations
  • Time LSAT practice tests on the official LSAT interface via the Official LSAC Prep Plus
  • Email assistance from instructors
  • 5+ score increase guarantee
  • Subscription to the Official LSAC Prep Plus

The cost is $299 per year.

Magoosh LSAT Cost

If you’ve started to compare LSAT review providers, you’ll note that Magoosh is a good value. But if you’re serious about studying for the LSAT, I would only consider one of the premium bundles. At just $279 for a month of access or $299 for an entire year, you’ll have the materials you need to help you reach your potential.

Plus, when you add our LSAT Magoosh coupon, the Magoosh LSAT reviews are even more affordable. Therefore, the Magoosh LSAT payment won’t hurt your wallet as much as more expensive review providers.

Best Parts of Magoosh LSAT Review

5-point score guarantee

Is Magoosh LSAT good? Well, Magoosh is so confident in their products that they offer a 5-point guarantee. That is, they promise that if you took the LSAT before using Magoosh and didn’t like your score, you’ll see at least a 5 point increase in your scaled score after you study with Magoosh. If you don’t, then Magoosh will refund your purchase price.

Of course, there are a few catches. First, you had to take at least one LSAT exam before you purchased a Magoosh course. Second, your old LSAT score must be less than 5 years only. Third, the guarantee only applies to the Magoosh LSAT premium courses, not the Starter Plan. And fourth, you won’t get a refund for the $99 LSAC Official Prep Plus subscription that is part of your premium course. To clarify, that amount goes to LSAC and Magoosh does not have the ability to refund it.

Study anywhere, anytime

All of the Magoosh products, from the practice questions to the video explanations, are available online. Additionally, they are all viewable on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone as long as you have a good internet connection. Since the video explanations are fairly short, you can watch one whenever you have a few moments to study.


Let’s face it: Law school is expensive. By the time you study for the LSAT, pay all of the LSAT fees, and apply to your schools of choice, your costs will start to add up. So, if you can use an affordable LSAT prep, why not? With Magoosh, you can access enough official practice questions to study without draining your savings account.

Limitations of Magoosh LSAT Review

Essential tools without extraneous materials

Some LSAT review courses come with a lot of different types of learning tools. That is, they might have videos and practice questions, like Magoosh. But in addition, they can include flashcards, digital textbooks, apps, and more. However, some students never use these “extra” learning tools and find that they paid for materials they never used.

Therefore, Magoosh keeps it fairly simple. They offer video strategy lessons, official practice questions and sample tests, and email support from instructors.

These essential materials are enough for some students. However, others who like to read hardcopy texts, use flashcards, or keep track of their progress in an e-learning platform may want to check out some other LSAT review courses.

Unknown predictability for a high score

The course is not proven effective, especially for high scorers. Unfortunately, Magoosh doesn’t publish the average scaled score of their students. We also don’t know the average Magoosh LSAT percentile for its users. This doesn’t mean that Magoosh students don’t get really high LSAT scores. Instead, it just means that we don’t have that data to share with you.

Some Magoosh users have complained that the video strategy lessons only teach you to solve problems in one way. Therefore, to learn multiple methods of solving questions to boost your score, you might want to check out answer explanations from other providers, too.

Self-study only

Magoosh is a self-study course. So, please note that Magoosh does not provide classroom-style instruction, live or live online classes, or opportunities to collaborate with fellow students. Likewise, Magoosh does not have one-on-one tutoring. Therefore, if you learn best with this type of collaboration, check out my reviews of other LSAT prep courses.

Magoosh LSAT FAQs

Does Magoosh have a free trial?

Yes. Once you sign up, you have 7 days to cancel your package if you are unhappy. Click here to access the Magoosh LSAT 7 day free trial. Specifically, you can access 16 free video lessons and 20 free practice questions just for setting up a free Magoosh account. However, note that you do have to give your credit card information.

Do you have a Magoosh discount?

Yes! Click on the button below for our exclusive LSAT Magoosh code.

Save on the Magoosh LSAT Prep course!

Magoosh or PowerScore LSAT Prep?

If you’re trying to decide between Magoosh and PowerScore, let me weigh in. Both are great values. However, PowerScore has more personalized offerings like live or live online courses and private tutoring. Additionally, PowerScore has several hardcopy workbooks that teach how to solve the logic games and how to answer the logical reasoning and reading comprehension questions. Therefore, Magoosh is good for self-studiers who enjoy learning from videos. In contrast, PowerScore could be better for you if you need more comprehensive test prep.

Is Magoosh LSAT Worth It?

Magoosh could be a good option for LSAT students looking for a self-study course that relies on video instruction and official LSAC LSAT practice questions at an affordable price. It’s also geared toward busy people who want to squeeze in some video lessons whenever and wherever they have some free time.

But since the materials are fairly basic, I would recommend Magoosh for students who are scoring in the 130s and trying to reach the high 140s and students scoring in the 140s trying to reach the 150s. Magoosh’s lessons and tactics are aimed towards helping students gain a basic understanding of the LSAT, then using that basic understanding to maximize their scores.

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