Why would CPAs need to take the LSAT? Looking at the LSAT vs CPA

Why Would CPAs Take the LSAT? IPasstheLSAT

Have you considered the LSAT vs CPA or do CPAs need to take the LSAT? When it comes to the LSAT vs CPA, do you know why would CPAs need to take the LSAT? After all, some public accountants think that attending law school will complement their tax careers. But will accounting help you with the LSAT?

Besides, the CPA and LSAT tests are very different from one another and demand a lot of preparation work. For that reason, if you’re debating between the LSAT and the CPA Exam, this post will outline your choices.

Why Take the LSAT if You’re a CPA?

Do you know the primary reasons CPAs might take the LSAT in the first place? For CPAs who want to work on tax, legal, or policy issues, law school might be very appealing. A CPA may also use the path to law school to launch profitable careers in business, corporate finance, compliance, or tax law by leveraging their prior accounting knowledge. Additionally, having experience in accounting can help you stand out from other candidates for law school.


Before deciding whether you should take the LSAT or the CPA, think about the goals of each exam and how much time you’ll need to study. For example, the LSAT is not a knowledge-based exam, although the CPA Exam is. In fact, the LSAT focuses entirely on reading comprehension and reasoning. Therefore, they are different kinds of exams in that regard.

The CPA Exam is a pass/fail test, as well. On the other hand, the LSAT gives you a score that is evaluated in relation to other applicants to law school. You can also retake the LSAT as many times as necessary to achieve the score required for admission to a prestigious law school. In contract, you can’t apply for your CPA license until you pass all four sections of the CPA Exam.

Is the LSAT Harder than the CPA Exam?

The process of studying for the LSAT exam is completely different from studying for the CPA exam. Some applicants claim that the LSAT is easier to study for than the CPA Exam and that it takes less time to achieve a decent score on the LSAT.

The CPA Exam requires extensive memorizing, so that can place a lot of pressure on candidates. What’s more, the majority of applicants need to pass many practice exams before they can do well on exam day. But for the LSAT, applicants study methods for solving certain types of reasoning questions. So as you can see, the type of studying great varies between the exams. And you might find that you enjoy studying for the LSAT more than the CPA Exam, or vice versa.

So the answer to the question “Is the CPA Exam harder than the LSAT” depends much on the applicant. The LSAT assesses your ability to reason, whereas the CPA Exam tests your knowledge foundation. The overall amount of time you’ll need to spend studying for each exam so depends on your particular skill set.

Comparing CPA and LSAT Study Plans

No matter if you’re taking the LSAT, the CPA Exam, or both, you need a solid study strategy and a review course to ensure you achieve the highest possible score. With the help of a partner’s website, I’ve evaluated the benefits and drawbacks of the top CPA Exam study guides and LSAT prep courses to help you!

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Do accountants do well on the LSAT?

Will an accounting background help with your LSAT preparation? Of course, every person’s LSAT experience is unique. And how much you study will determine how well you perform. But consider this: accountants can be highly analytical thinkers who can solve challenging logical puzzles. In general, those abilities can increase your LSAT score.

Can a CPA sit for the LSAT?

Yes! The majority of law schools welcome applicants with a range of undergraduate qualifications, including accounting.

Should an accountant pursue a legal education?

Practically every aspect of law practice benefits from having an understanding of accounting. Lawyers with accounting backgrounds are also employed by large accounting companies. So, if you’re a CPA with a keen interest in tax law, you should think seriously about attending law school as well!

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