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alpha score lsat prep

Alpha Score LSAT is an affordable and effective LSAT course. You can determine if Alpha Score is the course for you by learning about the history, pros and cons, course packages, rating, and ideal candidates for this course.


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History of Alpha Score LSAT Prep

Alpha Score LSAT is a focused test prep company that offers online study materials.

First off, the company appears to have only been around for about 3 years, since the copyright for “Alpha Score” was filed in 2015. Also, the website provides a lot of information about Canadian law schools, which is unique and lead me to believe that this is a Canadian company.

While law schools in Canada are notably different from American schools, the LSAT is the same in both countries, so this will have no effect on LSAT prep.

I have not heard much about this company, so I personally enrolled in the course trial to see what it is like for myself. The materials and methods seem to be of high quality, and Greg Smith’s teaching style is effective for online instruction.

The course curriculum is a comprehensive approach to each individual section and can be purchased as a whole unit or by individual sections for Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.

Overall, Alphascore’s online course is impressive but lacks hard evidence to support its quality. The company does not make average score increase claims, and the founder of the company, Greg Smith who makes the instructional videos, gives no evidence to justify his LSAT expertise.

So, while Alpha Score maybe a high-quality LSAT instructional tool for some students, I feel uncomfortable giving it too high of a ranking at this time.

Pros of Alpha Score


Alpha Score’s online LSAT prep course, at $389, is one of the most affordable out there.

Uses real LSAT questions

Alpha Score uses real LSAT questions for its lessons, not made-up crap like some test prep companies.

Comprehensive curriculum

Alpha Score’s online test prep is a comprehensive approach to the LSAT and focuses on a fundamental understanding of the test.

Cons of Alpha Score

One instructor

The same person teaches all of the courses, so if you don’t enjoy his teaching style, you’d be out of luck. Though, in my experience, I found him to be an effective teacher.

Lack of evidence

Many other LSAT prep companies offer hard evidence to support their products, such as average score increases or the scores of their instructors. Alpha Score does not provide this evidence.

Alpha Score LSAT Prep Course Packages

Complete LSAT Course

Cost: $389

Materials Included:

  • 50+  video lessons
  • 10 Official LSAT exams
  • 1000+ LSAT practice questions
  • Practice quizzes and assignments
  • Question explanations
  • Personal instructor assistance

Premium LSAT Course

Cost: $789

Materials Included:

  • 50+ video lessons
  • 61 official LSAT exams
  • 6000+ LSAT practice questions
  • Practice quizzes and assignments
  • Personal Instructor assistance

LSAT Logic Games Course

Cost: $189

Materials Included:

Logic Games curriculum from Complete LSAT course

Logical Reasoning Course

Cost: $198

Materials Included:

Logical Reasoning curriculum from Complete LSAT course

Reading Comprehension Course

Cost: $99

Materials Included:

Reading Comprehension curriculum from Complete LSAT Course

Rating of Alpha Score LSAT Prep

Based on my experience with Alpha Score, I give this course a rating of 3.75 stars out of 5.

Ideal Candidates for Alpha Score LSAT Prep

Alpha Score’s online LSAT course is a comprehensive approach to the exam and is quite affordable compared to competitors.

Students with low diagnostic exam scores who are looking for an online LSAT course can find success using Alpha Score. This course covers all of the fundamental concepts that the test examines, so students will be prepared for further prep afterward.

I recommend Alpha Score for students who have scored in the 130s, 140s, or low 150s on their cold diagnostic exams and who are self-motivated to study.

After completing the course, students may find they need additional practice to get to their goal score, which can be found by drilling timed sections and full-length practice tests.

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