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Why would CPAs need to take the LSAT? Looking at the LSAT vs CPA

Why Would CPAs Take the LSAT? IPasstheLSAT

Have you considered the LSAT vs CPA or do CPAs need to take the LSAT? When it comes to the LSAT vs CPA, do you know why would CPAs need to take the LSAT? After all, some public accountants think that attending law school will complement their tax careers. But will accounting help you with […]

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Lawyer Salaries

lawyer salaries

Some people go to law school to fight for justice. To stand up to those who are less fortunate. To give the silent a voice. They have dreams of Thurgood Marshall and a poster of Ruth Bader Ginsburg above their bed. Others just want to make a boatload of money. Either way, if you’re going […]

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